Improved method for permanent and non permanent hair waving with visual indication

(patented) P.Pace, E.Ünala

The problem:

In several conversations with international hairdressers we found out, that the most problematic step during the hair waving process was the application of the waving agent, it is so easy to lose the awareness where the waving agent has already been applied and where not. This happens to be a real problem, especially if a hairdresser works alone in his salon and has to coordinate different tasks (telephone calls etc). All these problems can be solved with the visual indication of the application spot.

Our solution:

Typical hair waving formulations can be modified with the addition of a thickening agent (eg. PVAL) and with a visual indicator (eg. pigments, colorants). Applied as a foam, the waving agent is visible for several minutes (visual indication) and therefor simplifies the task of hair waving significantly. This effect can be improved by the use of flourescent colorants in combination with an UVlight source.

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